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Unique Tango dresses to wear on any occasion.

Original and sophisticated dresses designed for dancing the argentine tango, but also suitable for evening, ceremonies and leisure.

argentine tango dresses

Ineditotango collections are the result of thirty years experience in ‘Made in Italy’ fashion

Tailor-made quality

What sets us apart is the accuracy of the tailoring, which is chosen and followed with extreme care and constant control; the dress are meticulously made by specialised tailors and selected high-level workshops. All in the strictest respect for Made in Italy

Attention to details

Attention to detail is an unmistakable characteristic of ours, and is evident in the quality of the tailoring that is controlled down to the smallest detail, in the fits that make the dress more adaptable to the figure, and also in the designs that are always up-to-date and enrich the value of the final garment.

Fabric selection

The fabrics we use are carefully chosen according to the requirements of the end use, our suppliers are all Italian and of certified quality, comfortable fabrics, because they are elastic, and easy to maintain; colours and patterns always in line with fashion trends.

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