Unique tango dresses for unique women

Unique dresses

Choose from dozens of Made in Italy tailoring creations for argentine tango.

The atellier of tango

Collection of original and refined dresses designed to dance argentine tango.

The unique dresses of “Ineditotango” are original and refined tango dresses, designed to dance argentine tango, but not only. All models are also suitable for the evening, for the ceremony or leisure.

One of the main characteristics of unique clothes is the patchwork of different fabrics in the same dress, that is, the dress is enriched with inserts of fabrics other than the basic one, for example tulle or voile, to make the concept of transparency, lamé fabrics or with sequins to create light points, macramé lace, so trendy in the fashion world, shaved to give a shiny / opaque effect, and much more.

The collection contains traditional concepts of the classic argentine tango dress from its origins, with modelling, cuts and slits, transparencies, but it is constantly enriched and regularly updated with ideas and concepts extrapolated from new fashion trends.

Unique tango dresses.

Create your own style

Create a unique argentine tango dress for your style.

If you are looking for a unique style to best express your passion for tango and want to dress in an original, refined and tailored way for you, then you can take advantage of our Catalogue to compose a new dress.

  • Browse through the dozens of unique argentine tango dresses, or filter the models by style or by cut.
  • Click to open the tab, view the description and enlarge the high-resolution photos.
  • When you find a dress with a detail you like, fill out the form in the form and send the request.
  • Wait for our contact to discuss your preferences and how to proceed together.

It’s my contribution as a stylist to argentine tango, which is one of my passions. Behind Ineditotango there is my vision, there is a great research in the latest fashion trends, all transported to the world of Argentine tango, always with “unpublished” details taken from the world of fashion.

Original argentine tango dresses

Unique, exclusive and non-repeatable.

They often ask us what we mean by “unique”. It means that that dress is an exclusive dress, not repeatable and therefore there will not be an equal one.

The dress comes to life from the inspiration of the designer or from your preferences in a sketch on paper, then on a mannequin and finally packaged by highly specialised and qualified tailors. Everything is strictly Made in Italy.

When you wear one of our clothes, you will be sure to wear a unique piece, made to measure for you.

Abito Arpeggio nero 6 piccola
Gonna Anemone col verde smeraldo

Testimonials and Reviews

Customer satisfaction is our best bonus

I bought several Ineditotango dresses because they have an excellent fit, they are original and at the same time always consistent with Maria Sole’s personal stylistic research. Professionalism and kindness always at the service of the customer.

Beatrice Pec
beatrice pec

Ineditotango trousers stand out for their elegance and lightness, for their high quality fabrics. It doesn’t seem necessary to iron them frequently from how they dress me and fall on me. It’s a real pleasure to wear them at dance evenings.

Diego Bobbo
diego bobbo

I love Ineditotango clothes!

Quality, originality, a lot of love and dedication for every single garment of the argentine tango collections. Thank you!!!

Daniela Polesello
daniela polesello

I bought various Ineditotango clothes. I always felt good Maria Sole is a true and serious professional who has the ability to create every unique and original dress. I also recommended it to my Tangueras friends who were enthusiastic about it.

Emanuela Meotto
emanuela meotto

Ineditotango’s clothes are elegant, refined and absolutely unique in combining style and comfort. The fabrics are of excellent quality and maintain softness and brightness over time. Maria Sole always welcomes you smiling, helpful and advises you in the purchase that most enhances your physicality.

Alessandra G
alessandra g

Here I found the right combination of simplicity and elegance. Just what I was looking for! Thank you, Maria Sole!

Laura Mior
laura mior
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