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20 years of history of a project and the passion for Argentine tango.

Twenty years of passion and Argentine Tango

I was born in the province of Pordenone, with a natural creative predisposition for drawing, which I deepen by attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice; I graduated in the painting section under the guidance of prof. Benito Tiozzo; with his supervision I exhibited my works for the first time at the “La Cella” Gallery in Venice in 1988.

Maria Sole Salvador, CEO

During the years of the Academy I take a design course with prof. Ennio Chiggio, a monographic course on “Non-dressed dress”, and thus begins my particular interest in fashion. After the Academy, I enrolled in a course in “Fashion Design” in Milan, at the “Domus Academy”, and so I began my career as a fashion designer at prestigious stylistic studios in the city and then in well-known Italian fashion companies, but not only, where I worked as a style and product manager, from Prêt-à-Porter,, to sportswear,

About twenty years after the beginning of my profession, I believe I have gained good experience in the fashion sector, not only in the creative part, but also in the technical part, the baggage I have is the starting point in the realisation of “Ineditotango“.

I myself have been dancing tango for many years, I have attended various courses, internships, milongas and festivals throughout Italy and also abroad. Ineditotango, is an expression of my creativity, but also of the experience gained both as a dancer and as a stylist, it is a collection in continuous evolution, never the same as itself, because the garments are unique and never repeatable.

My desire is to recover the value of the dress, through the careful choice of suitable and comfortable materials, the attention to fit, details, workmanship, finishes, often handmade, like all embroidery. A conscious recovery of femininity, which through refined modelling, necklines, transparencies, drapery, decorations and much more, emphasise the female figure, and enhance the sensuality of dance.

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